A 100-Year Heritage Deserves a 100-Year Vision

I am but one individual, but with the hearts of a thousand like-minded souls as my co-pilots, we can achieve what few have even remotely considered. To not only restore and maintain the treasure known as Cypress Lawn in our lifetime but to conceive a dream and put into motion a plan that promises to preserve it for unborn generations. Ambitious? Indeed. Worthwhile? Absolutely. We’ve been handed a century-old heritage. One hundred years of relics and riches that, without attention, could quickly slip into disrepair.


The time is now. This is on our watch. That 100-year heritage deserves a 100-year vision. We’d like to share it with you. We believe you won’t find a more noble cause on which to affix your legacy.

— Robert A. Gordon Jr., President and CEO of Cypress Lawn