Can You Match The Tombstones To The Celebrities?


Well-known personalities try to sum up their lives in a tombstone witty ditty.

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“Walk Like An Egyptian”– Egyptomania At Cypress Lawn

    Cypress Lawn is an outdoor museum teeming with Egyptian Revival architecture and design. The style is both ancient and neo-classical, and in its day, very trendy. Architects copied the lines, jewelers were inspired by the forms and symbols, and major manufactures produced Egyptian themed clocks, silverware, cigar cutters, vases and even caskets.   […]

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Last Great Duel In American History

The secluded spot at Lake Merced is a California Registered Historical Landmark. Our combatants in 1859 were no less than a U. S. Senator from California and the former Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. Dueling was technically against the law but it was an age when honor trumped the law. Their first attempt […]

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