There is a myth that only the wealthy can contribute as part of estate planning. We all have an estate. It may be simple or complex and might include a broad range of assets.

Since The Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation is 503 (c) (3) not for profit corporation there are substantial tax advantages and savings for all types of donations.

You may assign any gift specifically to Monument Restoration, Arboretum-Horticulture, Public Programs, or Unrestricted.

Donations can be designated as a memorial gift in memory of a loved one, living or deceased. All donors will be acknowledged in the Heritage Foundation Newsletter and on Facebook, and those gifts given as memorials will be specified as such with an “in honor of” designation. On occasion, stories about the people for whom these gifts are tributes will appear in the Newsletter.

 Rewards For Your Generosity

  • Memberships are tax deductible.
  • Any reward from any donation may be transferred to another person.
  • Membership donations can be made as a “recurring gift”—a designated total amount that is given incrementally, usually once a month. All the rewards for that total amount are available after the first installment.