The past is present at Cypress lawn.

This is the final resting place of more prominent Californians than other any cemetery in the West. Cypress Lawn is a vast historic archive, and in many cases, stands as the only remaining record of the men and women who shaped the Golden State. It also represents a visual history of the American cemetery movement from the late nineteenth century to the present. Our mission is clear: we who love and appreciate this unique institution must support its preservation and restoration so it may serve as a rich educational experience for the generations to follow.

The inevitable effects of time on the art and architecture of Cypress Lawn’s outdoor and indoor museum, including the arboretum, have become increasing apparent. Through natural decay and degradation due to air pollution, vibration, and other man-made phenomenon, the oldest and most fragile monuments are most at risk and the least provided for in terms of endowment care. To preserve the art and architecture that is the basis of our educational mission, The Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation is committed to the restoration of our vulnerable monuments and horticulture.

Russell Beatty, Landscape Architect and Senior Lecturer Emeritus  at the University California Berkeley has noted: “Cypress Lawn Memorial Park is a unique example of a rural cemetery movement on the West Coast that has remained intact and little changed…and can serve as a model for continuing the legacy of the of picturesque landscape. That the grounds has survived and grown so well is a testament to the knowledge of those responsible for its horticultural selection and layout. But as any landscape this old that was planted on a windy site and artificially maintained through irrigation, age is taking its toll.

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